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Darren Wilson profile in ‘New Yorker’ riles activists

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – With the one-year anniversary of Michael Brown’s shooting death this Sunday, New Yorker magazine published a profile Monday morning of the former police officer who shot and killed the Ferguson teenager. That story, which delves into Darren Wilson’s upbringing and the moments leading up to his fateful encounter with the 18-year-old Brown, as well as Wilson’s current life in hiding, has drawn the ire of activists online.  Writer Jake Halpern’s 10,000-word profile piece on Wilson, entitled ‘The Man Who Shot Michael Brown,’ is based on a series of interviews with the 29-year-old former police officer and his wife, conducted since March 2015.  Wilson, who has since moved to “the outskirts of St. Louis,” said he began receiving death threats shortly after shooting Brown.   An U.S. Justice Department-led investigation into the events of the shooting concluded Wilson did not willfully violate Brown’s civil rights and cleared him of wrongdoing. However, a second report by the DoJ blasted practices by the city and its police force regarding arrests and fines levied against black citizens in overwhelmingly high numbers.  Shortly after the profile piece was published, civil rights activist DeRay McKesson took to Twitter to accuse The New Yorker of “humanizing” Wilson, adding “watch whiteness work” in a subsequent tweet.


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