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Confused; delusional WHITE folks wanna BOYCOTT SAM’S CLUB

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As I’ve said before we as people of color get excepted and rejected by selective hearing; seeing we are NOT HEARD unless it BENEFITS YOU! YOU DON’T see our needs our wants because YOU are selective. You are NOT aware of us because YOU are blinded by your 3D glasses ( Defensive, Delusional; denial)


You RACIST social media junkies sittin on your FAT; skinny asses telling EVERYONE to boycott Sam’s Club because the CEO of Sam’s Club; Walmart because CEO Rosalind Brewer  is wanting to diversify the decision makers within the company. Let me get this right you create a hashtag #boycottracistsamsclub; want  people to BOYCOTT a store that COULD benefit YOU; YOUR Community?


Do you racist Social Media junkies even know the definition of diversity?


IF NOT I’ll help you out….


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(dĭ-vûr′sĭ-tē, dī-)

n. pl. di·ver·si·ties


a. The quality or condition of being diverse: a band known for the diversity of its music.
b. The condition of having or including people from different ethnicities and social backgrounds: diversity on campus.
2. A variety or assortment: a diversity of opinions.


Here’s the  Synonyms


  • difference
  • diversification
  • variety
  • divergence
  • multiplicity
  • heterogeneity
  • variegation
  • diverseness



  • range
  • variety
  • sweep
  • scope
  • field
  • sphere
  • compass
  • assortment
  • medley
  • amplitude
  • ambit


Did you read the definition of diversity (Probably not) SOME of you white folks are in some serious DENIAL do you realize that YOU WHITE people OWN EVERYTHING? YOU have ALL the GOTDAMN POWER to make decisions that effect OUR (people of color)  lives? When you turn on your TV who do you see?


WHO IS THE ONE IN POWER to HIRE; FIRE an employee who may be BLACK, WHITE, light bright and everything so right? Even our light skin sistahs of color are treated less than. Ever heard of the brown paper bag test? YOU WHITE PEOPLE DO NOT HAVE TO  FIGHT FOR WHAT YOU WANT. BLACK;BROWN PEOPLE HAVE TO FIGHT FOR OUR LIVES; EMPLOYMENT; HOW WE LIVE OUR LIVES; TO WHOM WE LIVE IT WITH.

You racists white people  are a  bunch of  sick, IRRATIONAL, hypocrites with no common sense!!  SURGEON GENERAL States that RACISM IS A DISEASE AND MUST BE TREATED ASAP

The shit ya’ll writtin’ is soooo comical those of us with EMPATHY understand the TRUE meaning of Diversity!   Oh by the way many of the articles I’ve found was from RACIST sick folks like you who is giving misinformation and THEIR own twisted opinion on what they think  Rosalind Brewer means by her interview. It should be noticed within the next 20 years or so you white folks will be the minority I guess that’s why ya’ll scared!   I’M DONE WITH MY RANT!

Here’s some of what these mentally ill folks had to write





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