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Cincinnati woman burns down house trying to kill bedbugs

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A woman set her Cincinnati home on fire when she used rubbing alcohol to get rid of her bedbug problem.

The late Friday fire sent three people to the hospital with non-threatening injuries and left another 10 homeless, local Fox affiliate WXIX reported.

The blaze broke out on the first floor, where the alcohol was ignited by either burning incense or a candle, local fire chief Randy Freel told the news channel.

First responders at about midnight found flames gushing out of the first floor.

Fire officials noted it was the second time in as many weeks a fire broke out in Cincinnati by someone trying to kill bedbugs.

The late evening blaze caused $250,000 in damage to the five-unit structure, WXIX reported. The American Red Cross is trying to find new homes for the seven adults and three children.

“It’s like a dream….everything is burnt,” said resident Kamaron Lyshe, who rushed home after someone told him about the fire. “I’ll start fresh. It’s all we can do now.”Freel told the channel Cincinnati residents shouldn’t combat the biting pests on their own.

“Get a professional,” he said.

Less than two weeks ago, an apartment building went ablaze in The Queen City for the same reason.

A 13-year-old boy’s mattress went ablaze when he tried to eradicate a bedbug by setting it on fire.

The flames soon engulfed nearly the entire building, displacing eight people who lived there.


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