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What can I say about Chiraq? Other than its one of the best movies to come out this year in my opinion. That’s right I said it, I loved Chiraq!

Chiraq is the retelling of a Greek tale of women who withhold sex from their men until they stop going to war or in Chiraq’s case, stop the violence in Chicago. The movie stars Teyonah Parris, Nick Cannon, Angela Basset, Wesley Snipes, Samuel Jackson, John Cusack, Jennifer Hudson and a lot of other wonderful black actors.

To start off with, the movie definitely delivers its message, which is that the violence in Chicago has to stop. In the movie the female lead Lysistrata, convinces the entire woman population of Chicago to refrain from having sex with their men till the violence stops permanently. With that being said, hilarity and drama ensue and it was fun to watch.

That being said I loved 98 percent of the performances in this movie. I say 98% because in scenes where Jennifer Husdon was supposed to cry, I can literally see only one scene where she cries, every other time it’s a dry face. Other than that I had no other issue with the acting what so ever. It knew how to bring forth a serious issue but bring a little bit of light to a dark situation.

As for the critics, to those who are mad at Spike Lee and the actors who took part of it, why? They’re shedding light on a huge issue in your town. Instead of being mad at them you should me mad at the one shooting up your city and killing innocent people who had nothing with who Evers problems. Check them before you check Spike Lee.

All in all I give Chiraq a 9.5 out of 10. If you haven’t see it see it before it leaves theaters!

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