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Blackface performer plans fundraiser for 6 indicted officers

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Why would anyone in their right supposedly sane mind would organize a fundraiser for six killer cops? (two are Black) HELL they can get a public defender. The entertainment included a fool (former RACIST police officer Bobby Berger) who performs in blackface for shits and giggles to raise money for two prejudice black officers and three other white racist cops who killed an unarmed black man named Freddie Gray. In the 1980s this clown (Bobby Berger) on his off time preformed in blackface to raise money for racist cops families in need I guess this was for the good cause of the GOOD COPS strike that umm I mean RACIST COPS for entertainment as well. In 2015 his attempt to help his fellow officers with this fundraiser was cancelled after protest from Black leaders.

Via: Newswest 9 Texas News

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