Black Panther Movie Review (Slight Spoilers)

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I know I’m four days late on this but better late than never. As of February 16th 2018, Marvel released possibly the greatest Black super hero movie of all time; Black Panther, and I am here to give you guys my review.

First off let me give a big shout out to Ryan Coogler for directing this movie. Everything from the scenery, to the culture, fight scenes were all on point. You can definitely tell he and everyone involved put everything they had in to this movie and it shows. In all honesty I believe any and all future Black Panther should have Coogler as the director.

One of the things that I enjoyed about this movie is that I don’t feel that it’s the typical origin story. As with most hero stories we see the grow from nothing to something. With T’Challa we’ve already established that he’s in power and has been prepped for this pretty much since he was a kid. We are also shown that unlike a lot of super heroes who need to humbled before coming into their own; T’Challa doesn’t show this type of arrogance and is shown to be a very humble and loving king.

Now on to the other characters. It’s hard for me to pin point a favorite character as all of them have qualities that I like. From Okoye’s fierce loyalty to the throne, to Shuri’s highly intelligence, tech saviness and sarcasm, Nakia’s drive to help people of color all over the world, to W’Kabi’s fierce loyalty to his friend T’Challa (even though he did turn on him). I loved Killmonger’s “By Any Means Necessary” attitude. Ramonda showing a mother’s love to her children, and M’Baku showing that the love of his nation comes first versus his grudge with T’Challa.

Let me also just say that Wakanda was everything I imagined it to be. I fell in love with it seeing it on screen to see people color not only thriving but to be so far technologically advanced ahead of the rest of the world. From the air ships, to Shuri’s lab and tech it truly is a wonder.

The Dora Milaje are also major stand outs in this movie. The women in this movie were nothing short of awesome and beautiful, and to see them in action in the third act of the film vs Killmonger and W’Kabi’s tribe was breathtaking. Just like Okoye, those women were fiercely loyal to the throne and king and would take out anyone who would dare try to harm them. I look forward to see a lot more of them in upcoming Marvel related projects.

I also can’t leave out the culture in this movie, the costumes for this movie were phenomenal the colors were bright and noticeable and you could tell who was from which tribe. The full on display of African culture was a beautiful thing to watch in this movie.

Now let’s get down to the final topic of the review, the conflict between T’Challa and Killmonger. With this film you’re presented with a major conflict and to be honest it’s not easy to fully agree or disagree with either side. Due to different upbringings T’Challa and Killmonger have different views on the world on how to deal with helping people of color. T’Challa believed that his nation should stay in hiding avoid conflict that doesn’t directly involve them. Killmonger believed that Wakanda should be helping disenfranchised people of color regardless of nationality because they share the same skin tone. Which side would you choose, Killmonger’s or T’Challa’s. I for one couldn’t really choose a side because both have valid points. I’d love to hear which side would choose.

This pretty much wraps up my review of Black Panther, on a scale of 1-10, I give it a solid 100. I plan on seeing it multiple times and will be buying it on dvd. If you haven’t seen this movie, see it ASAP! Let me know your thoughts on the movie.

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