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‘Black Lives Matter’ Activists Disrupt Bernie Sanders Speech

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Just look at these fools!! Not ONLY did they miss a great opportunity to maybe speak to Bernie Sanders after his speech (HE NEVER GOT TO SPEAK BECAUSE OF THESE TWO FOOLS) they turned a lot of people off in the crowd for the wrong reason. As I listened to these fools speak they mentioned Michael Brown saying his death needs to be honored a white lady shouts “WE’VE ALREADY DONE THAT ALLREADY!” Another shouted “YOU GUYS ARE FULL OF BULLSHIT WITH YOUR #BLACKLIVESMATTER! If we as a people are going to help the cause of black lives matter (Okay NOW MY WHITE PEOPLE STAY FOCUSED IT’S NOT #ALLIVESMATTER RIGHT NOT IT’S #BLACKLIVESMATTER) we need to stay focused organized. Come in with a plan; we must not bite our nose to spite our face. Why cause such a disruption until no one wants to listen to you why cause such a disruption until your voice is NOT unheard ya’ll sounded unorganized and sounded like a couple ratchet fools from Seattle WA .

I’m sorry Seattle WA (I’m a Washingtonian btw) I know the issues here are just as important it’s just a FACT that you all didn’t do it right you MAY just have ran away an ally and it is very clear that the white folks here do not care about the #BLACKLIVESMATTER HELL It is apparent that #ALLIVESDONTMATTER cause there was NO OUT CRY FOR JUSTICE FOR THIS YOUNG WHITE TEEN NAMED ZACHARY HAMMOND FROM YOU WHITE PEOPLE OR FROM THE BLACK COMMUNITY! SO BEFORE YOU MY BLACK PEOPLE, POC;those good white people who are helping the cause DON’T HAVE SELECTIVE OUTRAGE. At least we’re not the only city to show up and show out. YES FOR NOW GOTDAMNIT WHITE PEOPLE #BLACKLIVESMATTER please MY PEOPLE protest with dignity and grace. #RIPZACHARYHAMMOND #RIPSANDRABLAND #RIPMICHAELBROWN #RIPSAMUALDEBOSE #RIPERICGARNER….


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