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Black History Month Day 3: Harlem Renaissance

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As we continue to celebrate Black History Month, I would like to type about a very important of our History pertaining to the arts; the Harlem Renaissance.

What started out as a huge migration up north, eventually turned into one the greatest displays for African American culture. The Harlem Renaissance was gone to many different black writers, musicians, artists, poets and many more.

Poets like Langston Hughes, Claude McKay and Jean Toomer were some of the famous poets of this time period for their unique style of poetry. Jazz Music also played major role in the shape of the Renaissance. Harlem’s Cottom Club had talent such as Duke Ellington and singers like Bettsie Ross, and another famous jazz Musician Louis Armstrong.

This time period was a definite game changer in not just African American History and culture but American culture as a whole.

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