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BLACK FOLKS are NOT a Halloween Costume!!

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You know I can’t figure out why (SOME) white folk think they can dress up like their favorite  black celebrity while wearing Blackface. It can be done see…

Exbit A This  a lovely white family who  successfully dressed up as RUN DMC the legendary  Hip Hop group


Exbit B Here’s another this young lady is dressed as Missy Elliot from her Supa Dupa Fly Music Video  

See white folks you too can dress up as your favorite Black  Celeb, TV character; pop rap star     WITHOUT BLACKFACE! I just don’t understand why it is (SOME of) you think it is flattering to DARKEN YOUR SKIN to I guess to make the costume more authentic?

Exbit C This young lady failed to see why this was offensive.


Cosplay enthusiast Kira Markeljc is facing the wrath of the Internet, truly the loudest of wraths, for going “blackface” in order to look like Michonne from The Walking Dead


There is NOTHING wrong with dressing up like  Nicki Minaj but this High school white girl took it to far with the Blackface.

I’m sure this girl isn’t a racist she just is very ignorant and didn’t realize that her blackface would be offensive  I REPEAT YOU CAN DRESS UP AS ANY BLACK FIGURE; CELEB  YOU LIKE BUT LEAVE THE BLACKFACE OFF YOUR FACE PLEASE!

Exbit E Now If Black people can dress up as their favorite superhero without the whiteface you can too!!

Black cosplayers as Superman and Wonder Woman. (London Super Comic Con 2014):




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