Bill Cosby’s Accusers Will Appear on A&E’s Cosby: The Women Speak

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Here WE GO AGAIN!! Why do these woman feel the need to go on NATIONAL TELEVISION to talk about Mr. Pudding Pop? SIGH I guess we need to know the what, the when and the why? I’m not saying I don’t believe them but it seems now all they want to do is SHAME the man. OH WELL LOL I feel sorry for Cosby. As I read Facebook comments about this story Black folks still want to WORSHIP Mr. Pudding Pop. We need to stop putting these celebrities pedestals cause they ass stinks just like everyone else’s! Will I tune in? Yeah just to get some good Tea. Sip…sip….

Over the last year, more than 40 women have come forward with similar stories about being sexually assaulted and drugged by Bill Cosby. The women have shared their stories with various magazines and through press conferences and interviews, but on Thursday night, A&E will air a special…..


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