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Australian Speaker gets drug on Social Media after spending AU$5,000 on 50 mile flight

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Bronwyn Bishop, the Speaker of the Australian House of Representatives is under fire for spending AU$5,227 (~$4000) of the taxpayers’ money on an 80-kilometer (50 miles) from Essendon Airport in Melbourne, Victoria to a golf course in nearby Geelong.

Some are noting that the flight was intrinsically unnecessary as Bishop’s flight took approximately 45 minutes but it only takes ~55 minutes to drive from Melbourne to Geelong. She spent ~AU$4,500 to save 10 minutes.

Naturally, Bishop’s colleagues in the Liberal Party are defending her strange choice saying she was following the transport allowance policies. But the people aren’t convinced, former speaker Peter Slipper was fired and investigated after spending $900 on taxis to go to Canberra wineries, which, like Bishop, he offered to pay back but unlike Bishop he wasn’t allowed to.

As this tea came out, many people also found out that Bronwyn spent $90,000 of the taxpayers’ money on a trip to Europe where she was applying for a new job, which sadly (for Australians), she didn’t get.

Some people have noted that a blog post on the Liberal Party’s website which singles out Peter Slipper for ‘misconduct’ has suddenly been deleted. Others have been going in on Bronwyn with many funny memes and macros.

The song that plays whenever Ti shows “all the Twitter memes” is below. You should play it while looking at them.

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