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Anime Review: Prison School

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If you ever decide to look at funny slice of life type anime for an older audience this is definitely the show for you. I stumbled upon the Prison School a few months ago and im happy to say I am glad i gave this a chance.

To give a brief synopsis the anime tells the story of 5 high school boys who enroll at an all girls school. After getting caught peeping in the girls locker room, they are sentenced to spend one month in the school prison.

When it comes to comedy and overly exaggerated drama, this show has it down pat. I can honestly say that this will go down as one of my favorite anime ever.

You definitely feel the boys’ pain when you see them enduring the abuse from their fellow female classmates, however you’ll definitely have a laugh at their pervertedness also. With this being said this anime is definitely NOT for kids so parents who either watch anime or know their kids watch anime, steer them clear away from this because it definitely has strong language and a some nudity and slot of sexual humor.

It’s a short series consisting of only 12 episodes however there is a manga version and a potential chance that it can get a second season.

With that being said, Prison School, check it out on either FunimationNow or but it on DVD, I guarantee you it’s worth the watch!

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