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Affluent white student (released on $5M bail) spotted at LA Dodgers game after being charged in black man’s murder

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An affluent white 18-year-old was reportedly spotted enjoying a Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game with his parents, just days after being charged in a gang-related shooting of a black man.

Cameron Terrell, a Palos Verdes High School senior, was charged with murder and attempted murder in the Oct.1 fatal shooting of 21-year-old Justin Holmes, Los Angeles police said.

Terrell is accused of driving the vehicle carrying two suspects who had been arrested on suspicion of murder, according to The Daily Breeze. Police have said that Holmes wasn’t in a gang.

Terrell was released on $5 million bail, which the newspaper reported he posted on Oct. 19. The Daily Breeze also revealed the teen enjoys an affluent lifestyle that includes vacationing in Mexico and is a member of a predominately black South Los Angeles gang.

A photo of him and his parents at a World Series game at Dodger Stadium surfaced on social media days after his release, according to the paper.

Parents at Terrell’s high school were shocked that he hasn’t been suspended.

“We are here to say this child, this child-man — he’s 18 — does not belong in school with our children, with our 14-year-olds, with our 15-year-olds,” parent Sandra Valeri told KCBS-TV. “He presents a danger to them.”

However, the school’s principal says Terrell’s parents have agreed for their son to finish school at an offsite location, KTTV-TV reported.

Terrell’s arraignment is scheduled for Nov. 29.


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