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A Kardashian Takes Another Inappropriate Photo (It’s Khloe This Time)

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Khloe Kardashian posed in a photo shoot with a Black fashion model, Slick Woods, as part of an advertising campaign for the Kardashian’s clothing line: Good American Outfits. It is reported that the other pictures were decent, but the internet came together to deem this picture below as… (surprise) racist.

Khloe is pictured here looking down, lovingly, at her pet that is clutching her ivory thigh.

Here, Khloe is pictured looking down at Slick Woods, who is crouched around Khloe’s leg.

The picture seems to be reminiscent of slave children, under a Stockholm Syndrome spell, curled up around a slave master’s feet. At this point, I am not too sure whether or not this was done on purpose because even though the picture seems innocent enough, you would think that with all the (racist) controversy  they have been involved in, the Kardashian Klan’s PR person would steer them clear of disrespecting the Ancestors, but no.

Here lies yet another Kardshian racist incident for The Big Book of Receipts.

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Share your thoughts below: is this picture in poor taste or do you think the internet reads too much into things?

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