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4 Florida Students Hack Up 17 year Old With Machete And Bury Him Alive

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Four Florida Students have been in the murder of a 17 year old whom they hacked up with a machete and buried alive.

Kaheem Arbelo, 20, Jonathan Lucas, 18, and Christian Colon, 19, and Desiray Strickland, 18 have all been arrested as of Wednesday in the murder of Jose Amaya Guardado. This sick demented group plotted this murder for 2 weeks and even went as far as digging the grave and hiding the machete in the woods.

On June 28 these sick people lured Guardado in to the woods after he asked permission to leave campus. He was then ambushed by the group and was attacked with the machete. Guardado tried to fight back but was soon over powered. They then ordered the teen into the shallow grave and then buried him alive. They then burned their clothes and Guardado’s belongings. Jonathan Lucas and Christian Colon headed back to campus but Desiray Strickland and Kaheem Arbelo stayed behind to have sex.

Guardaso’s body was discovered three days later by his brothers after he was reported missing. Authorities think that the teen was killed because of a debt he owed to Arbelo who is also believed to be a drug dealer.

Since the four have been arrested them men have been cooperative while Strickland has been resisting. She has assaulted a detective, tried to unlock her handcuffs and carved “MPD Go To Hell” on a table.

Arbelo, Strickland and Lucas have been charged with first-degree murder and Colon faces a second-degree murder and conspiracy charges. Arbelo and Lucas face charges of first degree conspiracy and evidence tampering.  Strickland also faces resisting an officer with violence, battery of an officer and criminal mischief. They are being held without bond.

This absolutely disgusting. I hope all of them get thrown under the jail. Five lives tossed away probably over something extremely petty.

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