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30,000 US Teens Converge on Detroit in Massive Christian Volunteer Clean-up

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Thousands of teenagers from around the U.S. converged in Detroit, Michigan, last week to clean up the city’s neighborhoods.
A whopping 30,000 young folks spent the week cutting brush, hauling away trash, and painting walls.
The project was part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Youth Gathering, which pulls in the massive crowd of kids in different cities every three years for service projects to help the needy.
“Here’s my crew today…..these people worked sooo hard,” Jonathan Pommerville, one of their adult leaders posted to on Facebook (pictured left).
Pommerville’s group spent time cleaning out and boarding up one of the city’s 70,000 abandoned buildings. They left the old house with a freshly mowed lawn, too.
It warms my heart to see teens volunteering, and doing the right thing to help others.
I hope the people of Detroit keep up the moment, otherwise all of this will have been in vain!

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