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2 Gwinnett officers fired after videos show them hitting suspect

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WOW. What did this motorist do to warrant this punch in the face? As we know Police have NO self control when it comes to Black and brown folks. OUR LIVES DON’T MATTER! Maybe just MAYBE if he was Muslim he wouldn’t have gotten sucker punched. WE ALL KNOW IF HE’D BEEN WHITE HE’D BEEN TREATED WITH RESPECT AND DIGNITY. If this had been a Muslim brother or sister this happened to. The whole USA would have come to his defense. There would have been marches and demonstrations. The highest courts of the land would have come to their aid. I’m not saying that doing this for our Muslim people is wrong. But it is a FACT. BLACK AND BROWN LIVES DO NOT MATTER. There are a lot of white People who scream ALL LIVES MATTER! When they feel left out. It seems strange to me when a dozen or more Black and brown children go missing. There’s not a hashtag or any national news airing updates on the case. If only these people with their hands over their eyes, ears and mouth would only remove their hands and SEE US AND HEAR US AND SPEAK UP FOR THOSE OF US WHO ARE OPPRESSED. People of color are only helped by selective hearing.

We people of color are only helped by selective seeing. What SOME white People fail to realize our OPPRESSION affects EVERYONE. BLACK LIVES DON’T MATTER. I guess when more white folks get punched in the face by Hulk smash police only then will it becomes a national emergency. Then we ALL will get the rights and equality we want. Until then NO LIFE MATTERS BUT WHAT LIFE WE CHOOSE. SIGH WHERE’S OFFICER TOMMY NORMAN WHEN YOU NEED HIM?



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