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12 Year Old Boy Charged With Capital Murder

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A 12 year old boy from Arkansas has been charged with capital murder for the death of a 21 year old store clerk. Christa Shockley’s body was found Thursday at a gas station in Fouke, 140 miles southwest of Little Rock. The boy was arrested later on that day when police discovered the gun that they believed was part of the crime.

The boy is being held in a juvenile detention center facing charges of capital murder and aggravated robbery. Because of state law he cannot be charged as an adult. However he can be held at the detention center until his 21st birthday where he will either be released or sent to an adult prison.

Two lives has been lost in this situation, one an innocent store clerk and the other a young boy who pretty much threw his life away. I hope this young boy thinks this was worth it because he will be living with this choice for the rest of his life.

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