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11 Year Old Charged In 8 Year Old’s Murder

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 An 11 year old boy from Tennessee has been charged with murder in the shooting of an 8 year old girl.

Benjamin Tiller of White Pine, Tennessee was charged last week with first degree murder in the death of McKayla Dyer after sn argument over puppies.

The incident occurred back in October when Tiller was talking to three other girls about seeing one of the girls new puppies. After she refused Tiller them retrieved his father’s 12-gauge shotgun and shot the young girl from the window.

As of the conviction, Tiller is set to spend the rest of his childhood in state custody. However his parents are planning to appeal the decision. Tiller was trained in using firearms and has gone hunting with his father and grandfather.

So just because a girl didn’t show this kid her puppies, he felt the need to shoot her. I don’t know why the parents are trying to appeal this, their child knows right from wrong and he had plenty of time to reconsider the decision he made. But that’s my opinion, let me know your thoughts.

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